It’s the holiday season

I knew that the holiday season would be busy, but MAN ALIVE, I really underestimated the chaos. This year has flown by (I feel like my grandma saying that), and I am feeling the pressure to get everything crammed in at the end. There are all the holiday parties, gift exchanges, shopping trips, return shopping trips for forgotten items, and of course massive amounts of baking. That rushed feeling could also be all the coffee I’ve been consuming.

So far this holiday baking season I’ve made santa faces (following this tutorial from Sugarbelle), elves (inspired by this party on Kara’s Party Ideas), coffee mugs and latte cups (I used this tutorial from sweetambs to create the leaves), a traditionally colored holiday mix, a snowy holiday mix, personalized ornaments and stockings, mittens (inspired by these sweaters by a Dozen Eggs bake shoppe), a penguin cake topper, and some monkeys & bananas for a birthday boy. I still have some more personalized ornaments and mini snowflakes for an office party to make, along with many, many repeats of designs already created. AND homemade caramels for my family and friends (it’s my mom’s recipe, I can’t imagine the number of howlers/nastygrams I’d get if I didn’t make these). I guess when the caffeine shakes wear off it’s time to ice!





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